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With more than 30 years’ experience in turnkey design and construct delivery we have established strategic long-term partnerships with specialist clients, consultants, co-contractors and suppliers who understand the importance of open communication, transparency and mutual understanding of turnkey project execution in mitigating risks.

We have formalised these relationships into a framework of strategic long-term partnerships working together as a collaborative team to ensure maximum functionality at the lowest optimum cost of ownership for our clients.
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Our partners share our commitment to continuous innovation, competitive pricing and assurance of an enjoyable construction experience.

Full Client Involvement

Although we take full responsibility for the project from concept to completion, our client’s operational and financial teams are fully involved with all aspects of the project’s development. Through their involvement and the collective expertise and wisdom of our partners we are able to value engineer best-for-project outcomes.

Our design and construct service includes design co-ordination, planning, plan approval, budgeting and construction management. Our holistic approach to integrating the various facets of the project enable us to fast-track delivery from the enquiry stage benefiting clients with quicker return on investment.

The benefits we bring to the table are simple:

  • A fixed lump price right from the outset
  • A reduced project cost and less wastage
  • A faster overall building process
  • The risk is transferred to the contractor
  • An enjoyable construction experience
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