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We have re-aligned our business structure to reflect our diverse capabilities and streamline our business processes and efficiencies to better meet the demands of our clients and changing business environment.

With our geographic footprint spanning across the SADC region our group structure has been designed to sustain our growth momentum into new geographic and industry sectors, with a strong focus on; –

  • Improved decision making and efficiencies
  • Streamlined management
  • Improved leadership
  • Development of a second tier of leadership

Our structure comprises of five business units operating on a decentralised business model, governed by a group board and executive committee. All our business units are aligned to one vision, mission and culture and share in the commitment of being an employer of choice.


Our group shareholding has been aligned to more accurately reflect our strategic and transformational objectives.

Through the NMC Employee Share Incentive Trust and NMC Employee Equity Holding Trust we are able to expand significant ownership, control and operational involvement of previously disadvantaged persons, whilst retaining skills at middle and senior management level. We are now more than 51% black-owned further entrenching our commitment to transformation.

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Group Board

As a privately owned construction group, our directors have personal equity and a vested interest in our daily operations, clients, supply chain and employees. The diversity of our board brings a wealth of experience and expertise in directing the NMC Construction Group’s strategic directives.

Phila Jordan  – Executive Chairman (pictured above)
Shaun Webber – Managing Director
André Vlok 
– Financial Director
Mike van Coller 
– Group Procurement Director
Willie Du Plooy – Group Supply Chain Director
Stephen Chambers 
– COO: Building
Deon Lombard
– COO: Civils

*Charles Adonis – Managing Director: NMC Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd

(*non-board member)

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